I Saved a Bee’s Life Today — Here’s How

Photo by Severnjc via Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

A “How to Guide” for Understanding Veterans

National Archives and Records Administration, from Wikimedia commons. Public Domain.

Hint: It’s Not A Secret

Petr Kratochvil,via Wikimedia Commons (CC0)

The Story of Brave Bessie — the First Black and Native American Woman Pilot

Image 1: Bessie Coleman (1892–1926) and her plane in 1922 Wikimedia Commons

Why Red Dead Redemption 2 Might Be the Greatest Game Ever Made

Fastest Draw in Town…

Restrictions Are Here to Stay

The Answer is Complicated

Wannabe writer, history nerd, martial artist, depressive

Photo by Author

Why Police Officers Don’t Aim for Legs

Khabib Nurmagomedov Retires from MMA

Lyndon Moore

is a military veteran, nurse, martial artist, writer, and world traveler. He has been published in the O-Dark-Thirty Review, a literary journal for veterans.

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