The “Noble Savage” and “Magical Negro” in Literature and Film

Morpheus. He’s mysterious, Black, and can teach you kung fu and the ways of the Matrix.
Robinson Crusoe walking with Friday through the jungle.
Queequeg, a Native Polynesian islander, would ultimately end up helping and saving the white protagonist, Ishmael.
Joel Chandler Harris, a White author, would create the character of Uncle Remus in 1881 to spread the lessons and wisdom he had heard while working as a journalist in the Deep South, helping to create and perpetuate racist stereotypes
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (1885)
Dick Halloran talking to and teaching the young boy about the psychic powers that they both have in common.
John Coffey is a wrongly convicted man with magical healing powers in “The Green Mile”
Mother Abagail from “The Stand” is over one-hundred years old, receives visions from Gods, and speaks to and guides people through their dreams.
Guinan from “Star Trek: the Next Generation”
Whoopi as a psychic medium in 1990’s “Ghost”
Bagger Vance would help the White protagonist spiritually heal, and in the process get his golf swing back.
Will Smith in “Hitch” (2005) would help the White protagonist with his love life, teaching him how to dress, talk to women, and even how to dance.
Azeem’s inherent goodness and loyalty would compel him to follow and help the White Robin Hood — all the way from Arabia to England.
Lucius Fox would design and invent the gadgets and high tech equipment that Batman would use.
Morgan Freeman as God in “Bruce Almighty” (2003) helps the White main character and bestows powers upon him.
The Oracle’s cookies are magically delicious!

“Go find your own troubled white boy!”

The world’s most powerful genie has just met his match: a little White boy he is duty-bound to help.



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Lyndon Moore

Lyndon Moore

is a military veteran, nurse, martial artist, writer, and world traveler. He has been published in the O-Dark-Thirty Review, a literary journal for veterans.