Why the Lockdowns Will Never End

I wager that I — like many of you reading this — are tired of the lockdowns and restrictions that have resulted from the Covid-19 virus. I’m tired of staying inside all of the time. I’m tired of carrying around and wearing a face mask ever where I go. I’m tired of going out to the few restaurants or coffee shops that remain open only to be told that there are no tables available due to reduced seating capacities. I’m tired of getting served drinks in plastic or paper disposable cups, and I’m tired of eating with plastic silverware.

Will we ever be able to chuck these in the rubbish bin for good?

I’m especially alarmed at how long children have been restricted from going to schools. An entire generation of school children are falling behind academically. A good friend of mine tells me that her daughter no longer does her homework. And why should she? The structure and expectations that her elementary school had required of her have been removed, replaced by a substitute video lesson plan that will always play second best to the distractions present in her home.

I’m here to tell you something. Even with the new Covid-19 vaccinations that have been released to the public the lockdowns will not go away. The restrictions on our lives are, in all likelihood, here to stay. Why?

Because the lockdowns and restrictions have everything to do with protecting businesses — and politicians — from any legal or moral liability, rather than safeguarding public health.

No business owner wants to be the one accused of getting someone sick because they didn’t follow all the guidelines, social distancing, and mask restrictions out there. Its better to protect your business and comply rather than take a chance with a possible lawsuit — just in case. The same can be said of politicians. No governor or mayor will ease the restrictions and risk the backlash that would result should even one person get sick. They would be tarred and feathered in the press and branded as callous murderers with blood on their hands.

None of this is to say that Covid-19 is a hoax. It’s not. It’s a real virus with real world consequences. People have been hospitalized and thousands have died. However, there is no “end game” in sight. How exactly does this end? And who says its over? Who gives the “all-clear”?

Is it the World Health Organization? The CDC? Dr. Fauci? The President? Who is the one who says it’s safe to take off our masks and breathe?

Nobody knows. Nobody wants that responsibility because it carries with it accountability — namely that people could die — and no one wants it to happen on their watch. Better to protect their careers and their businesses and keep the lockdowns going rather than take a risk on easing restrictions.

I’m here to tell you, people have always been able to get each other sick. They will always be able to get one another sick. It’s part of living and life must go on.

I recently came across a news article discussing the lives of people who have been self-quarantining at home since March. That’s over nine months from the date of this article. Sailors in submarines only spend 80–90 days on submarine duty beneath the waves before they are rotated out from that mission imposed isolation.

I’ve known associates, friends of friends, who have remained in self-quarantine since March. They are terrified of Covid-19. They are, perhaps rightly, afraid of contracting the illness — or worse, passing it along to their children, parents, or elderly grandparents.

I get it. I can understand that kind of caution. But ask yourselves, what would it require to get a person who has been locked up inside since March to go outside again without a mask on? Will they ever believe it is safe? What would it take?

More importantly, how does this all end?

Who gets to be the one to put their reputation and career on the line to say it is okay to come out from behind the plastic shields and actually stand next to someone? Will people ever pack into a stadium or arena again to watch and cheer on their favorite sports team? Or go to a club and dance close to someone they find attractive and swap some sweat? Or — gasp — ride the subway?

I’m not sure that it will ever happen.



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Lyndon Moore

Lyndon Moore

is a military veteran, nurse, martial artist, writer, and world traveler. He has been published in the O-Dark-Thirty Review, a literary journal for veterans.